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Need Help with TSW + Flash - Basics

I played a bit with the given FLA files and the basic documentation around, but haven't digged to deep into the FLA files, yes.

I wanted to create a new ui element, not altering an existing and ran into some difficulties. I post here in hope that somebody can tell me what i did wrong

I created an emtpy FLA file, added a textarea and added some test text in the textarea. Saved it, exported it to SWF, moved the SWF to the TSW/.../flash folder, created/updated the according XML files and called the swf file in TSW.

The TSW file loaded, but the textbox only contained boxes (like missing encoding) and whenever i typed into it my typed text would not show up. Guess that is because i did not export fonts? (is this necessary with the basic ui elements within flash, or did i miss something else?)

What i noticed is that some other ui elements (f.e. the tab graphics in the friends list) get altered/moved/shifted as soon as i loaded my swf file. The tabs went back to normal after a unload + reloadui.

Can anybody help me out what i am missing and what i did wrong that both mentioned errors occur?
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Unread 07-16-2012, 07:31 AM   #2
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If i use the basic Adobe Flash CS6 Textarea the font - whatever i try (even with embedding/exporting font and altering settings for the textarea with AS) i get a broken GUI / missing fonts.

If i use the textarea from the TSW flash/custom folder everything looks fine.

Just wanted to let you know.
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