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Moderators and Portals and Wikis, oh my!


We'd like to welcome our first moderator to the site, Catagorical. Our condol, errr, congratu, errr, thanks!

Author Portal System

AddOn Authors that have AddOns available for download in our database will be given access to create their own portal (your_username.secretui.com) so that their users can receive even more information about their interfaces . The portal includes bug tracking, feature tracking, news, custom pages, custom menu links all with rss feeds and a few other things. Basically, it is their own little mini-site on the site.

Current Features:
  • Authors get an easy to link to sub-domain: < registered author name >.secretui.com (authors with a space in your name will need to use two dashes -- in place of the space. example: jonny five would be jonny--five.secretui. com)
  • Interface Bug tracking system
  • Bug RSS feeds
  • Interface Feature request system
  • Feature RSS feeds
  • Interface F.A.Q system
  • Custom content pages
  • News system with archive
  • News shows up on the front page of the site (community tab)
  • News RSS feeds
  • Author Portal Owner area where you can configure many options
  • Latest interfaces shown on front page
  • Authors stats shown on the front page
  • Author can add links to the menu block
Link to enable if you are an interface author: Enable Author Portal

For those of you that are curious what a well-used portal looks like you can look at http://mazzlefizz.wowinterface.com

(Please note: This will only work if you are registered, logged in and have files in our database)


We’ve opened up our Wiki for use by the community. Anything from Guides to Authors posting about their addons, feel free to add to it.
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